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New Approach To Forex Trading:

Mirror Trading Platform by Tradency

Mirror Trading presents Forex traders with an opportunity to quickly and conveniently select one or more Forex traders' strategies and mirror their trades in real time.
Tradency designs, develops, and markets the first of its kind Mirror trading platform. Backed by the latest technologies in system architecture, traders are empowered with trading tools to ultimately improve their trading experience. Tradency Mirror Trading Platform is a revolutionary trading tool, designed to provide a service for Retail Forex clients, that has previously only been available for institutional clients.

The Mirror Trading Concept

Mirror Trading is designed to make the Forex experience simple and friendly. Tradency collects and works with strategies from experienced traders called Signal Providers and Tradency's platform enables other traders to use this knowledge for their own trading. When the market conditions are ripe, these Signal Providers send their buy and sell signals produced by their systems to Tradency's platform. Clients choose  providers signals that match their trading criteria, such as risk tolerance and past profits. Once a system has been chosen, all the signals sent by the system, will get filled in the client’s brokerage account automatically, without any intervention by the client. All signal management is controlled by the platform, including stop losses, Target points and Trade modifications.
The Mirror Trading platform allows traders to construct a portfolio from a wide selection of experienced signal providers that successfully trade various currency pairs. The platform offers a selection of hundreds of systems and presents details and history of each system's performance, its profit for the chosen time frame, the maximum draw down and many other parameters that can help you choose the systems that suits you the best.
Whether you want to trade one or more strategies, the platform can handle trade executions on multiple strategies in the same account. This flexibility enables the trader to diversify their risk while maintaining complete trading control of their account at all times.
The latest cutting-edge technology, partnership with world leading forex dealing companies and huge network of trading signal providers make the Tradency’s Mirror Trading  concept  the ultimate solution for the active trader.

Getting started is simple.

A trader must first research the best mirror trading strategy (or strategies) that work for him or her. In order to help the trader select the best strategies, he can view a complete and transparent historical trade database of each and every strategy. Trader’s decision will depend on such things as the amount of money you wish to trade with, the risk you are willing to take and the direction you want your portfolio to go. Then the trader has to choose one or more strategies, set his trade size and the platform will automatically start mirroring his chosen strategies and the mirror trading takes place.
Following a seasoned trader by way of mirror trading can be much more successful than self trading. For some forex traders, deciding on one trading method can be a difficult decision and the mirror trading could be a preferred method for those who would prefer to follow the tested methods of experienced traders. Mirror trading is especially popular for traders who are still building their confidence in the market just because it allows them to select past strategies that are verified and objective, and then automatically follow these strategies.

To start using Tradency Mirror Trading Platform you have to open Demo or Live account with any of  available leading forex brokers  through this platform. It means that even if you already have an account with some forex broker you will need another one for mirror trading. Your account will be mini-account with 10000 USD trading lot size (1USD per basic point value) which means that you can start your mirror trading with as little as 300 USD (if you choose FXCM).

Simply select a system and make it your own!

Mirror Trading Platform by Tradency

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